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Retaining a Expert Forensic Engineer

In simple terms, a forensic reconstruction of an accident consists of examining and analyzing post accident evidence in accordance with the laws of physics. When these laws are properly understood and correctly applied to the physical evidence, then the outcome is accurate accident reconstruction.

Forensic engineers specialize in the reconstruction of accidents; however, there are many different specializations within this field. For example, the forensic mechanical engineers at Intech Engineering are best suited to reconstruct the dynamics of motor vehicle accidents, incidents such as slip and falls, and consumer and industrial mechanical design failures. It is important to realize that not all “accident reconstructionists” are engineers, and not all engineers can accurately reconstruct accidents. Therefore, before hiring a forensic engineer, be sure to verify their qualifications and suitability to your specific case.

Once an engineer has been chosen to reconstruct a specific accident, clear and concise instructions should be given to define the scope of the engineer’s assignment; allow for reasonable time for the engineer to properly examine the available evidence or data, conduct analysis, and prepare a report.

At Intech Engineering, accident reconstruction services are provided in an objective, impartial and ethical manner. All incidents are reconstructed with state-of-the-art and current technical methodologies and the findings are communicated in simple language. The analysis and reports provided by Intech Engineering are based on respected published technical literature; and are provided with clear references to all scientific publications utilized.