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Consumer products

Consumer products are also prone to failure in some instances. The cause of failure can vary according to the type of product and/or its application. Some examples are:

Table Top failure

  • Analysis was conducted in order to determine the cause of a glass table top failure.

Unstable Garbage Dumpster lid

  • Geometry and operation of a garbage dumpster lid were analyzed as it had fallen onto an individual’s head. The lid’s maximum fall speed and instability were technically assessed.

Crutch Collapse

  • An individual was using an adjustable pair of crutches; one of the crutches collapsed under normal use. The crutch was examined in order to technically assess the cause of failure and collapse.

 Machine Topple

  •  A top-heavy coin machine toppled onto a 4-year old child. The machine was examined in order to technically determine its geometry, instability and reason for falling over.